Rara Lake An Amazing Adventure Road Trip | Distance From Different Parts Of Nepal | What do You Get From Rara Lake Trip?

short introduction of rara lake best time to visit


Rara Lake is one of the massive lakes covering 110.8 km2 of area and has 167 m which is 548 ft deepest clean water lake in the Nepal Himalayas. Water reflects various colors if you are lucky enough you will get to see all those colors.

Rara Lake is located in the Jumla and Mugu districts surrounded by Rara National Park. Lake inflows through the Karnali River and outflows by the Nijar River.

Why Visit Rara Lake?

Rara lake scene snow trek, frozen water, horse riding
  • The most amazing thing about Rara is surrounded by mountains.
  • The way to Rara Lake is just amazing walking through beautiful trees covered in full of snow will give you an amazing feeling.
  • Ride a horse (rent) in the mountain between the trees. In the snow if you visit Rara Lake during early winter and end of the winter the time.
  • Crystal clear water will reflect the amazing view of mountains and trees. Mostly in the early morning when there is no flow of wind.
  • Lucky one can able to see fish.
  • The road trip will be the best experience we will get from the Rara Lake trip. Because more than the destination it’s all about the journey that we take at the end of the journey.
  • Hiking To Murma Viewpoint Best place to view Rara Lake
    Campfire next to the lake.
  • Sunset and sunrise is the best part of the trip try not to miss them. if you miss them you miss half of your trip experience.
  • I think one of the best experience someone wants to experience is the snow, an early morning walk on the top of the snow because it is frozen. Water that is completely frozen, when the temperature gets high as the day passes on the snow get soft. The snow you are walking on the top early morning now its time to feel the inside of the snow.

Best Time To Visit Rara Lake

Early or ending winter is the best time to visit which is September – November, and March-April. You will enjoy the 40min trek to Rara Lake. Summertime will not be able to get that amazing view and experience that will get during wintertime.

Which Is The Best Transportation To Travel?

road trip to rara lake by bike

Road Trip

Personally, a road trip is the best way to travel because traveling by road will give all those small-town views which are just an incredible experience. One of the adventure trips is almost 600-1000km from most of the city.

Every step of the trip will amaze with breathtaking scenery and different natural beauty. Which is a “treat to the eye” the road is pitch till Nagma. But yes in between some parts of the road are a little bit bad. Off-road starts after Nagma but the road work is going on.


One of the best trips for those who love long and rough rides, other the long ride most wonderful thing is that will get the freedom to travel every step of the trip, and easy to stop and enjoy nature. Riding on a bike is like “flying like a free bird”.


It’s another great way of travel but with a limited-stop point and takes a bit more time. Rest of the transportation even has limitations for food because of the limited Bus-stop. Old buses may face the jerking problem during the journey.

Over will get good nature experience but you may face lots of problems and you might have to change the buses.

Reserve vehicles

Will get a similar experience as a bike but will not get the feeling of “flying like a free bird”.


For those who just want to visit Rara Lake and a short trek experience will be the best option to go for. Talcha Airport from where the trek starts which will take approx 2 hours

Distance From Different Part Of Nepal To Rara Trips | Where To Stop First & How To Plan Trips According To Distance.

Kathmandu – Butwal273 km7.18 hr
Butwal – Surket320 km6.36 hr
Pokhara – Kohalpur392 km9.37hr
Dharan – Bharatpur395 km8 hr
Bharatpur – Kohalpur352 km7.20 hr

Hours are exact measures by Google map so taking breaks in between may take more than the mentioned time, so add half an hour to 1 hour extra time.
Dharan – Butwal 509 km 10. 37hr
Bharatpur – Surket 444km 10.11hr

Surkhet- Tallo Dungeswer, Dailek115 Km3.9 Hr
Tallo Dungeswer-Manma42.5 Km1.50 Hr
Manma – Nagma49.3 Km1.36 Hr
Nagam – Birat39.3 Km1.28 Hr
Birat – Rara LakeNot calculate 80-100 Km

From Surkhet and Nagma, there are two routes you can ask the locals but it’s up to you.

We Started Our Rara Lake Journey From Butwal | Full Day 1 – Day 5 Trip Information & Experience.


First Day

We kick our bike around at 6:30 am towards our destination Rara Lake, our first stop of the journey is Surkhet which is 320km by distance.

If you start the journey early morning you will be able to visit Banke National Park which is on the way but has to go slightly off track from the route.

Early in the trips Food, places are similar so not that much of a different experience you will get to Nepalgunj but riding a bike is always the best part of travel.

After the Nepalgunj ride

Get much more fun than before because getting into the mountains and riding in the curve road smelling fresh area was just remarkable, taking a small break we reached our first stop Surkhet around 5 pm.

We start looking for hotels starting from Rs.1000 – 4000, for hotels, ask local they will provide you with the best information about what kind of hotel you are looking for.

After we settled on the hotel

We get fresh up and start exploring Surkhet which is getting developed, as we get information from various mediums that food is expensive after Surkhet we purchased fruits and snacks for our journey but the problems are the market totally shut down around 7:00 pm.

We were unable to get a better dinner so ended up with a decent dinner, now day one is about to end with mixed feelings.

Second Day

The Real trip is now just to start heading towards Rara Lake early morning at 5:30 am, no words to express the feeling “Just Treat For Eyes | No Feelings Just Enjoy Going Inside The Real Nature”.

The Smell Of The grass, tree, the soil is going into mind only once for that WOoohhh priceless, downhill curve road, and the bird’s whistle is like natural singing and we have the moment which is wonderful.

As time pass on going through the various small-town trust me, nothing is better than the time we have behind that feeling even the pain of riding a bike is like a flush.

small beautiful tea house  kohalpur

Driving 3 hours we stopped at a small tea house

We have a choice to go further too but because of the beautiful location, we plan to enjoy the atmosphere with our breakfast. Drinking tea after the amazing ride, seating without any thinking inside mind enjoying the scenery “just loving it”.

After we have a long way to cover so taking a 10-15 min short break. We stop at Karnali Sigaudi we almost spend 1hour there feeding ourselves. Checking bike brake, petrol, and kind of servicing. Because after that we are heading toward a stiff uphills road and partner have to push himself hard.

Finally, after 4 hour’s ride, we stop at Manama for a lunch break

There also spent half an hour. Manama is also one of the best destinations to put on our bucket list, so amazing views.

After driving for 2 min we show rhododendrons and we plan to stay there a bit more to explore. Then we head on to our final stop. We plan to go to stay nearby the army barrack.

But after a while, we have an issue with our leg break. Because we had ridden straight for more than 3 hours stiff up hills.

beautiful view of manama while having a lunch time break

So, slowly we head ahead using hand breaks but we plan not to take the risk. We stop at one place waiting for someone can help us. But, unfortunately, no one comes up, after half an hour we started our journey.

Luckly or technically leg break start working finally we reach Nagma at 5 pm.

We plan to stay there and check the bike condition. We come to know due to the heat sometimes the leg break doesn’t work.

We explore Nagma for 1 hour, it was beautiful. We are so tried, we went back to the hotel to have a food and we have to charge our mobile, and camera batteries. Food tastes like home and the people are so humble.

At the end of the Second day

A wonderful experience, you can go furthermore because the next day if you reach earlier you get to enjoy a full day at Rara Lake and be able to hike Murma Viewpoint, view the sunset. The next morning after enjoying the sunrise will be good to return early morning.

For the second day, I personally recommend staying closer to the destination because the army Barack will not be able to reach Rara Lake on the same day.

On the third day

Going towards our destination early morning, Hoo it was just a nightmare because one of the mountains roads is covered with snow, and it’s like 7 curves we have to go through.

For a while, we think whether should go or not because been we are late the road is hell and it was really hard to drive in the snow (normal bike) but we decided to go we started to ride.

slipper road after army check post

Initially feels good but after a min what happens you can imagine guys, for a moment we plan to get back and wait for someone to come and clear that but our destination is too close so we step forward.

It took us more than 2 hours which is just 15 min drive.

Finally, with all the falling and slipping reached Rara Lake at 11 o’clock

It has been late already after talking to people around we planned to stay at the hotel where the last stop for the bike.

Finally, time to eat but getting fresh is impossible water is too cold and feels like burning. Then, we headed to our final destination after 2 and a half days of riding time has come now to reach our destination, and with all our excitement we headed towards Rara Lake.

But no one is there with us everyone has already back then. So, we enjoy trekking each step, every step is so amazing all the tiredness goes away after 40 mins of small trekking.

Finally, we heard a sound, and no one was there just we are and in front of us we had the massive lake surrounded by mountains. Snow just incredible, it was a pure glimpse of nature we are at the point of the moment “where everything is just a piece of paper”.

beautiful entry view of rara lake

On the fourth day

Treat your eyes to a beautiful sunrise and spend some hours enjoying the peaceful natural beauty of Rara Lake. Seeing the pure reflection of the tree on the lake. Hold the time for some time and just be yourself.

Now, move your foot back toward home collecting all those memories and experiences. But the trip doesn’t end yet, now it’s time for a long way back home.

After spending around 2 hours at Rara Lake we headed back to our new destination home.

We planned to stop at Manma one of the reasons it will be good if we covered as much distance. Second one is the beautiful scenery it has but we ended up very late at Manma. maybe the time was 8 o’clock already.

walking on the top of the snow

On the fifth day

We started early morning around 6 am but I recommend starting at 5 am and going back riding downhills which saves our time quite a bit.

So, we planned why not let’s head towards home everything is going well we are just 3 hours from Butwal that time was 7 o’clock.

But we don’t know what happens we went in the wrong direction. After driving for almost 1.5 hours we found something unusual so we check the map we come so far and trust me it was so dark.

We are in the forest and headed backward around 10 pm we found one hotel from where we took the wrong road. So we stayed there, the next early morning we headed toward home.

So, never force yourself too much on your journey.

Either stop at Surkhet or Nepalgunj and enjoy the Banke National Park and the next day without any rush you will reach Butwal.

Rara Trip Food and Expenses | How Much Will Cost?

Depend on the trip

Expenses By road: own vehicle depends upon how much and what you eat 
Rs. 4000-5000 petrol costs approx (for the bike).

If You reserve a car or travel by bus, a flight just adds extra money, and fluctuation in the price will not be able to tell you the exact price of everything.

Food Breakfast/Sack: Rs. 200, Meal Lunch/Dinner: Veg Rs. 300-400 | Non-veg Rs. 400-500.

One Room with 1 – 2 beds: Rs. 500-1000 ( Manma-Rara Lake)

The food cost normally so don’t need to carry any extra snacks or anything with you. But in Rara Lake, it will be bit expensive. So better not to carry any extra snacks.

Still, carry some small juice and fruit for a small break.

Temperature Over The Time

December to February

The time when almost the area is fully covered with snow even for the local people it’s hard to go from one place to another place. So, not possible to visit from December to February.

March to May

Nothing is better than snow time the mountain is covered with snow. The Road is clear with some snow on the side.

The time when rhododendrons are blooming everywhere covering the mountain with green and red colors. On the way one of the villages is fully surrounded by rhododendrons so as the village is named.

But always check before going in early March because the road is covered with snow.

June to August

The period of heavy rains, monsoon season starts, muddy roads. Most dangerous thing that could happen are landslides which make the trip disappointing and frustrating because will have to wait hours to clear the area.

So, not recommend a time to visit Rara Lake

September to November

One of the best times of the year to enjoy the Rara Lake trip. The monsoon has finished and winter is just about to start.

The weather is Between neither too cold nor hot. Clear weather, roads, and views so recommend visiting from September to November.

Amazing Small Villages And Nature To Experience.

On the way to Rara Lake, going through tons of small-town, every town has its own culture and beautiful nature. Experience people with various natures, truth me it’s just amazing.

To interact with them you will get to know much more about the local places. Even they will instruct you on the best way to explore the places.

Things To Keep In Mind For Trip.

  • Make sure to drink water regularly.
  • Carry extra socks because of going through small waterfalls. and always if possible kind of waterproof shoes.
  • Check fuel regularly, if possible fill up in Surket because after then petrol is a bit expensive and shortage.
  • Take a rest every 2 hours after the Surkhet because up and down hills will heat up your vehicle and make cause brake problems.
  • In a busy season book in advance because of limited accommodation.
    Get Full service, and at every stop checkup vehicle.
  • Best if you gain some small knowledge about vehicle problems, it will definitely help.
  • Must Carry winter gloves.
  • If you are thinking of trekking shoes, are not needed but are up to you  Carry a small bag only for snacks, water bottles, and a hot bottle for tea/warm water.

Rara Lake is one of the best adventure trips, full of tense, fun, and pure nature.

In between, there are so many places that can explore. But it’s not possible so initially make the list during the journey for the next trip, will help you to explore next time with lots of ease and be well-planned.

To know more about Rara Lake history and facts check Wikipedia

You can get some of the information from the following video:
Sisan Baniya

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